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Bed of Nails

Acupressure Eco Cushion

Designed to make pressure adjustment simple and easy, the Bed of Nails is similar to acupuncture; the pressure of the rounded nails against the skin may help the body release endorphins, the body’s very own “happiness drug” which provides a sense of joy, energy and pain relief, and oxytocin, which makes you calm and relaxed (yes, it is possible to feel energetic and be relaxed at the same time!).
2,520 precision Acupressure Nails (60 x "42-nails" acupressure plates)
100% Non-Toxic Recyclable HIPS plastic points
100% Organic Linen Fabric ・ 100% Buckwheat Hulls
Care instructions
Hand wash cover only in lukewarm water. Rinse by hanging and shower off.

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